SO issue

On SO, trying to post my only post today to a question

I have not posted previously today, therefore not in the last 3 minutes. I have < 100 rep on SO. I get the following message:

"users with less than 100 reputation can only post answers every 3 minutes; try again later"

If I try reposting more than 3 mins later, same scenario. Iterating this process, eventually I get sent to a CAPTCHA, but after successfully filling that in, I get the same error message above.

I’ve tried this in both Chrome and IE8.

So I try to report this on meta.

I get a message that users with rep < 10 can’t post new questions here every 20 minutes. This would be my first question on meta.

At least the issue feels very meta…

UPDATE: Jeff fixed this and deployed a fix an hour or so later.